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Monday, January 25, 2010

contest entry esperanza l c matos

To queen latifah life is but a dream and like a dream theres nightmares.. and theres
those man i wish that was real and the strange things make your face squinch
make u think
theres beauty in ugly truth - look at the past and a bright future b4 you - my life..
might make u blink..
my heart my head.. clogged now.. officially like a sink.. listen u can not hearkin
my voice.. but..
i tried.. an effort by choice.. its.. real deep.. i just feel heavy.. reaping my voice.
. - soo.. it gets ugly.. but it gets lovely
i need an opportunity.. cuz.. TRUUUTHHFully..dunkin donuts.. aint gone fullfill
my dream
but it will pay the taylor of life.. like i need new seems.. its.. so real in this
"average" life.. wich is .. just like the life
of anyother person but.. you know.. to see the.. simple.. isht.. and.. smile..
and then cry.. be strong.. not break down..
because nomatter how tall u are.. somehow u can easily fall down nd u
can easily build ur self up


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