Wednesday, February 10, 2010


brief on my book Author: - Esperanza L. C. Matos

A brief on my book – (the back of the book)

The book is a autobiography on my self

Author: - Esperanza L. C. Matos

Sitting alone, eyes closed. My reality is better unseen and untold but I’ll tell it just so someone knows. I moved from an apartment to a home was popular since

I was about to be the new girl in a what would turn out to be a real interesting progressional experience now cold winter in 2009 four years from the big move in early march

2005 thankful for my mind set school and in town. Who knew my innocent life would turn around. A virgin until sixteen. A hopeless romantic, heart and head full of dreams,

for as a child I was an artist, in theater and lived on the scene as wild as a beat in a rappers dream. I would have attended a media high school but relocated right before school

started and who would have known that’s when my life would start. Friends who weren’t true, abusive relationships, medical incidents, family surprises, followed by

many more surprises one after another somehow it happened real fast and years have passed but it feels like just moments, & you won’t believe the things I seen some things

you wouldn’t condone but since life holds no limits you can say the world has been my canvas and it kind of free handed when it came to me..none the less the lord has opened my

eyes and brought me closer to him threw out my journey.. for life has reminded me time and time again he has never abandoned me.

Saturday, February 6, 2010